Freezing products: useful tips

Freezing berries, vegetables, fruits is an ideal option for their storage, because frozen foods retain all the vitamins. How to freeze food to make it delicious? How to make as much as possible fit in the freezer? Which of the products should not be frozen?
To make the berries take up less space, you can freeze them in portions in the form of puree. The cube / slice of puree is then perfectly thawed into porridge, cottage cheese, yogurt and more. For example, freeze the puree in a thin layer in silicone molds (in the forms for cupcakes / ice / candy), and then put in bags with a clasp.
If you get sour or mashed berries, you can freeze them as a puree with sugar (5-10 g of sugar and 90-95 g of berries). It is much more useful than jam.
Eggplants are best frozen in cubes and pre-soaked in salt.
Sweet peppers are best cut into cubes / straws and frozen in containers or thick bags (because peppers have a strong odor).
Spinach, viburnum and sea buckthorn are better to grind and freeze in ice cube trays, and then in zip bags. It is convenient to fill the berries with water or add them to the strip, and stew the spinach.
Ecological option - buy containers and freeze in them. But first measure the size of the freezer so as not to walk empty space. Most confirmed that the trays are very convenient and fit more, easier to sign. If packages - then dense packages with a fastener (which can be washed and frozen new).
It is better to spread all the vegetables on a tray in one layer, freeze, and then put in bags or trays (so the pieces do not stick together). It is possible to cover in addition with a film / package. Then carefully remove it. The cellophane will collect condensate, and fruits / vegetables will be as dry as possible.
Cauliflower is better to blanch before freezing (throw in boiling water for 2-3 minutes), so it will be much tastier after thawing and cooking.
Do not freeze halves of apricots (especially pineapples) and plums. It turns out tasteless. Although suitable for pies and pastries.
Peaches taste better frozen in the form of puree.